Canadian Art at McMichael – Group of Seven, Tom Thomson, Edward Burtynsky

Searching for Canadian art and artists, I visited the McMichael Collection of Canadian Art in Kleinburg, Ontario about 20 km from the outskirts of Toronto. Impressed by the surroundings and outdoor-presentation of sculptures, I started my way through the museum, where I saw a few paintings of the Group of Seven as well as works of Tom Thomson. Their colours and conception of picturing the Canadian landscape remained me on the contemporary paintings by David Hockney.

Tom Thomson, The Jack Pine, Oil on Canvas, 127,9 x 139,8 cm, 1916-17, National Gallery of Canada

Tom Thomson, The Jack Pine, Oil on Canvas, 127,9 x 139,8 cm, 1916-17, National Gallery of Canada

Always on exhibition at McMichael are works from the Group of Seven as well as pieces of art from members of the First Nations, at the moment strong and energetic paintings of Norval Morrisseau and others.

But I came there because I was very interested in the photographs of Edward Burtynsky, whose documentary Watermarks happened to be on cinema during my stay in Canada. A very impressive movie with resemblence to Koyaanisqatsi, a twenties-century-movie in which pictures made words dispensable. Burtynsky was priced for his 2006-documentary about Manufactured Landscapes and some photographs of that time where shown at McMichael, as well as the whole movie.

For his latest movie Watermarks, he again worked together with filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal. She completed his stills with interviews and moving pictures to an awesome artwork.


Watermark, 2013, Baichwal, Burtynsky



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